"Hi! I’m Jules Wyman and I founded the Confidence Garden a few years back with the intent of helping people develop authentic confidence through dispelling the myths that many of us have learnt.

It was my own crisis of confidence which led me to read books on the topic. I was looking for short cuts. Quick ways that I could get out of how I felt about myself and how painful and hard life seemed.

Some of the books had great tips, that when used made a difference, but only seemed to get me so far. So I took my research further and subsequently trained as a life coach and now I specialise in all confidence matters.

One of the insights I gained over the years of research was that there are a number of myths about self confidence which can hinder rather then help your confidence development.

Some of these myths actually create limiting beliefs. These beliefs can constrain us in some way. For example, one of the myths I believed and hear frequently, is that people want to build their confidence and yet have a fear that if they do they will become arrogant.


Arrogance and Confidence are NOT the Same Thing!

The more conversations I have with people on the topic the more I hear misunderstandings, limiting beliefs and myths about the evasive treasure of confidence.

It’s one of the reason that I put this video series together. I wanted to share what I was learning with as many people as possible (hence why I have made it free too!)  

In the Foundations for Confidence Free Video Series I will go through some of the key myths about confidence. How you can spot them and of course what to do to start building those foundations.

I will also share with you my story and how bad things were and how they have changed.

I am no rocket scientist and genuinely believe that if I can change my life and build authentic confidence, it is possible for you too.

Remember though, any tool is only useful when it is is used. A phone has to be switched on to receive or make a call. Only when you use these tools will you then notice the difference.

So, what are you waiting for?  

The videos are free.

You can sign up on this page and your first video will be with you in minutes! 

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Gratitude,

Jules Wyman

Founder of The Confidence Garden

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