Are you setting yourself up for success or
just piling on the pressure?

At the start of a new year, people talk about changing everything! They have incredibly high expectations that they will get it all right and never make any mistakes or slip ups.

Whether it is a crash diet, clearing debt, quitting a mind-numbing job or a destructive relationship ... forcing yourself to make massive resolutions is a tall order. And far too often, the promises you make come crashing down within a few weeks (or even days), leaving you miserable and feeling like a failure.

Please stop! Don't do this to yourself again.

Instead, grab one of my limited 2017 Kickstarter sessions
and do this year differently.


Price: £160

Duration: 60 mins

Available: 5 Jan-3 Feb 2017

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T&C: Calls can take place over phone or Skype. Any amendments or cancellations require 72 hours notice or full fee will be charged.
Final booking confirmation and details will be sent once payment has been made.

This hour-long session with Confidence Coach, Jules Wyman will focus on you and your needs. Together we will take time to pause and reflect on what has been and what is most important to you now. Instead of making sweeping, idealistic goals, we will get practical and strategic to make sure that you get what you want in the right way AND at the right time.

What would make those 60 minutes the best investment
you make for the year ahead?

Focusing on health, wealth or relationships?

Or giving your attention to your personal growth?

What do you want to kickstart your year?

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Start looking forward to kickstarting the year and setting yourself up for a successful 2017!