Simple ways to lift your mood!

Image of woman dancing

  Today I wanted to share something personal. Something that those who know me well will have seen. It’s something that I actually find very hard to hide. And recently someone noticed within minutes of us meeting. I love dancing and moving around to music. According to my mum, I could dance even before I could walk.…

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Interview: How I became a confidence coach (video)

In this video, Tiffany Kay asks the all important question… how did I become a confidence coach? I share the background of how I started confidence coaching (it was never something I set out to do!) and why I think it is vitally important. Plus I talk in depth about my own personal journey – the obstacles…

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Recommended for Confidence ~ PR with Heart (video)

In this brand new video series, Recommended for Confidence, I am talking to inspiring people who have products or services that help you to build confidence. You may remember that earlier this month, I was interviewed by Kat Byles, founder and creator of PR with Heart. This time I get to turn the tables, and…

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