The Social Media Illusion


You may have seen my post last week, Going Behind the Scenes and what I learnt about illusion from my time working backstage in theatres.

The same can be said about Social Media. Every time we create or share perfectly-posed images, we are portraying a magical social media persona.

And what goes on behind the scenes can be a very different reality.

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I wanted to share a video with you from Ditch the Label that powerfully exposes the social media myths: Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality 



It makes you wonder about the impact of social media. Is it, in fact, creating more unhappiness as we compare ourselves to unrealistic and idealistic images rather than true life experiences?

How far will this desire to portray the perfect social media identity go?

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There’s a fascinating episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror that speaks directly to this desire to look good to others.

What if the technology we are currently developing starts to dictate what is possible in our lives – where we could live or who we could relate to, for example.

Watch this trailer as food for thought.



If you want to watch the full episode, you can find it on Netflix or here.

How far could social media go? How far would you want it to go?

Perhaps we need to stop creating social media illusions before it goes to far!