1 Year, 3 Questions

What have you learnt that will serve you next year?

How has 2016 been for you?
Has it been a year to remember or one you would rather forget?
It’s been an eventful year with huge changes occurring on individual and global levels.
So before we rush into a new year, setting big goals and making all sorts of promises and resolutions,
let’s hit the pause button… and take stock of the past 12 months.


What Next?

You've answered the 3 questions.
But how do you use that information in a constructive and powerful way?
How do you take what's happened in 2016 and make the most of it?
How can you set yourself up for success in 2017?

Webinar: It's Your Year!

In this 90 minute webinar, we will complete a review process, asking ourselves powerful and insightful questions. Then we will look to the year ahead, get clarity on what we want, and ensure that we are prepared and set up for success. The webinar will end with a Q&A, your chance to ask me directly for any advice or support to truly make 2017 your year.

When: Tuesday 3rd January at 7pm UK/UTC
(Replay will be available if you can't make the time)

Investment: Just £7
(Payable through Paypal - no account required)