Why I am fortunate not lucky (video)

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In my line of work, I regularly get told that I am lucky.

I get that it might seem that way. After all, I have a good quality of life and do work that lights me up. Last year, I even won a competition for a week’s retreat in Spain.

But I do have an issue with the word ‘luck’ and in today’s video I want to share with you why I think it matters… not to me but to you!

Watch the video:


When we describe someone as being lucky, we disempower ourselves and dismiss the opportunities available to us. There’s an underlying story “it’s not for me“.

But why not for you?

If you put in the effort, why couldn’t you create opportunities and good fortune for yourself?

[bctt tweet=”When we realise that luck is created through our efforts, we open up many more possibilities” username=”juleswymanuk”]

Be mindful about how you use your words. Acknowledge the work and effort that others have put in, safe in the knowledge that is it also possible for you.

Recognise and take pride in your own achievements… for this is where you will find your good fortune too.

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