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Confidence Conversations

Are you ready to discover genuine confidence?

Developing your confidence isn't about faking it or acting 'as if'.

Genuine confidence comes from within.

You don't have to be worrying about what people think or what you have achieved. You can learn how to be resilient, assertive and to say 'no'.

To get started, download the 7 Keys of Confidence.
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“Jules delivered a lunch lecture to our London office around the topic of Confidence and this led to extremely engaging and fruitful discussions around the table with some very thought provoking questions raised.

We would not hesitate to use Jules again.

“I am a Chiropractor at Chiropractic 1st in York. We run monthly
workshops for our Practice Members to give them a broader knowledge
base on how to live healthier with more energy and less pain. For
January I wanted to focus on stress management so who else to ask but
Jules Wyman. She ran a workshop 'Stress Free Living for 2016 & Beyond'

Jules knows exactly how to capture an audience and give tools which we
can apply to our lives the next day. I have had such great feedback
from our Practice Members. She taught us how to alter our perceptions
of the 'stressor' which completely changes your brains response and
chemistry, result being better health. Many of us are Mum's and I have
used the techniques on my own children. Great evening, amazing and a
very inspiring woman. Thank you so much! ”

“Jules has spoken for The PA Hub in both Leeds & York about building confidence and self belief and we received very positive feedback from the delegates on both occasions. The content Jules delivers is well thought out and she is an excellent presenter with clear and useful outcomes. The subject matter Jules talked could be considered as a sensitive subject in some parts and she delivered this skilfully and clearly having maximum effect. Jules is informative, engaging and easy to listen to and I would recommend her to anyone. ”

Coaching with Jules

Working with Jules has been an absolute pleasure. We tackled some difficult and extremely personal topics. In the past, I would tend to internalize things rather than address them openly so I wondered how much I would open up during our sessions. I held back some during our initial conversation but what became clear was that Jules was not here to judge me. She has such a warm soul that it set my mind at ease
and I was able to speak freely.

As an extremely busy working father with two young children I had to prioritize my day and carve out a two hour block to meet with Jules. I found that prioritizing that a  two hour session helped reinforce the importance of prioritizing myself and making the time for me to work on me. Fitting a one hour slot into my day would have been easier but a less impactful message for me about putting myself first.

After every session I had a number of takeaways in the form of an activity or quote that I pondered and or acted upon between our sessions. As we all are, I am still a work in progress and I own where I am at this point in time. I’m a more confident person now - I care less about what others think and understand how/why I operate in the ways I do which means that I can navigate through life differently. Through the coaching sessions, I realize how my unconscious mind played on my fears and created scenarios to keep the status quo. Today, I more carefully consider the state I am in and the facts of the situation before making a decision.

At work, Jules has helped me to rebuild/reaffirm my self confidence. I now believe that I am good enough to not only sit in meetings with senior executives but that my opinions are just as valuable. Moving forward, I plan to continue applying these jewels of wisdom to my everyday life while seeking additional insights into myself and others.

Senior Vice President. MS London.