7 Keys of Confidence ~ Am I doing all I can? (video)


This video is a short extract from a series, 7 Days of Confidence that I recorded live on Facebook. In fact, it was so ‘live’ that I was in a layby in the Cotswolds. The signal wasn’t great so the video isn’t as clear as I would like but hopefully you can hear the message!

On Day 6, I was talking about impatience. Impatience comes from a need to control and to make thing happen according to our own timescales.

But what impact does that need to control (and have things happen fast enough) have on our lives… our health…our confidence…our happiness?

It simply causes more stress and anxiety. And it definitely blocks our authentic confidence.

Instead, we need to stop pushing, take a deep breath and relax. Ask yourself “Am I doing all I can?

If the answer is yes, then all that is left is patience.

What if there is magic in patience?


Here’s the video:


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