7 Keys of Confidence ~ Do you trust yourself? (video)

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This video is another short extract from my recent live training on the 7 Keys of Confidence.

On Day 7, I asked a question, “Do you trust yourself?”

Not that you will always get the right answer or be perfect but do you trust yourself to make a decision?

So many times we make a decision and then second guess ourselves as to whether the choice we made was right or wrong. This only feeds self-doubt.

Doubt creates dilemmas which simply keeps up stuck in a loop of trying to get it right. We may not be able to know how a choice will play out.

Can you trust yourself anyway?

If we are talking about self-confidence, we also have to be talking about self-trust. They are intrinsically linked.

Confidence isn’t about getting it right, its about not fearing to be wrong.

Ask yourself, “what would it take to trust myself right now?”


Here’s the video:


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