7 Keys of Confidence ~ Make it unacceptable (video)


I recently held a 7-day live training on Facebook on the 7 Keys of Confidence. In the series, I talked about the various blocks (locks) and 7 keys to unlocking confidence.

This video is an extract of that training, where I am talking about self-criticism and the impact it has on our confidence and our lives.

In fact, it is so damaging to our esteem, that I refer to it as self-abuse. I know that may be harsh to hear but when we inwardly speak to our selves in a derogatory and cruel way, what else is it if it is not abusive?

What would you do if you heard someone speaking to a small child that way? Whenever I ask that question, everyone agrees that they would intervene and yet we let our inner voice continue to treat us in that way.

And does speaking to yourself unkindly help you to feel inspired, confident, motivated, loved or any other positive feeling? Highly unlikely!

So in this video, I invite you to make it unacceptable to speak to yourself in this way. Make it unacceptable to ever put yourself down again.

It is time to treat yourself with kindness.


Here’s the video:



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