7 Keys of Confidence ~ What are you avoiding? (video)


Do you ever find yourself procrastinating or putting things off? Ever asked yourself why?

Procrastination is something that comes up with my clients time and time again. When we know we are putting things off, it blocks our confidence and makes us feel unworthy.

But until we really understand how our reasons, excuses or justifications are affecting us, we can’t do anything about it.

We have to get honest with ourselves and be prepared to learn the truth.

That is why I ask my clients the all important question, “What are you really avoiding?”

In this video, I invite you to do the same. Whether you are putting off going to the gym, or having a difficult conversation or prioritising your health, get honest with yourself on your own reasons. Write them all down. Then take a deep breath and ask yourself, “what is the smallest step I can take, right now?”.

Overcoming procrastination does take effort, but it’s effort that will build your esteem.


Here’s the video:


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This video is a short extract from a 7-day live training I did on Facebook when I shared the 7 all important keys to unlocking your confidence.

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