7 Keys of Confidence ~ Whose rules are they? (video)


This is another short extract from a live training I recently held on the 7 Keys of Confidence.

On Day 5, we discussed the drive and desire for perfection. There is so much pressure on us to live a perfect life.

But does striving to look/think/behave/be a certain way help you to feel confident or good about your life? No!

The relentless demands to live up to standards of perfection in exhausting. So how can that be supportive of experiencing genuine confidence or happiness?

Often we are trying to live up to a set of rules that may not even have been ours in the first place – perhaps we learnt them from our parents or from school or from our society.

Who really lives a perfect life?

But when we compare ourselves to that perfection, it creates insecurities, unworthiness and a sense of not being good enough.

If your rules aren’t serving you, maybe it is a good time to reevaluate. In fact, what if you made your rules or standards achievable? Isn’t it more likely that you will feel good about yourself and your life if you are getting positive results?


Here’s the video:

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