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It was my need to create significant change in my life that led me on a quest for authentic confidence...

I felt safe in my working world...
I knew I could do my job...

However if things changed, if I was challenged or needed to speak in front of others, I froze on the inside and sometimes fled on the outside. Socially it was even worse. It may not have looked that way to others as I got good at pretending. I was still doubting myself and questioning my every move though. I was tired. It was an exhausting way of living.

I left that career, burnt out and confused. I didn’t feel I had much to offer the world. It wasn’t a great place to be.

Someone offered me a helping hand in the form of a coaching course.

I discovered just how low my confidence and self belief was.

I realised just how little I knew about both these topics.

I knew very little about myself. But in that one first coaching conversation my epiphany was that it wasn’t just me that felt this way.

A dozen or so years later and thousands of hours of studying confidence, self belief and the human brain, and understand how anyone can get to that ‘better’ place. Coaching has been the life line that changed everything.

I now coach people around the world who want peel back the layers of pretence and discover who they really are. This process has enabled me, and others, to participate in the full spectrum of life with genuine ease.

I currently live in the beautiful city of York, UK and love the magnificence of the history and culture it has to offer.

To support my continued self growth (outside of the personal development world) I love to take up challenges and have hiked 100km to Macchu Picchu in Peru, Cycled around Cambodia – ending in Ankor Wat, done a 15,000 foot sky dive, abseiled off the Humber Bridge and walked across fire 7 times!

Jules Wyman recently featured on the BBC Breakfast talking about what IS happiness and what can you do to make yourself happy.

From self-loathing stage manager, hiding behind the scenes, to award-winning confidence coach, Jules’ aim is to inspire self worth in all

Voted Britain’s Next Top Female Coach, Jules delivers down to earth pragmatic solutions & insights. 

Her compassionate, grounded approach allows her to make “deep psychological concepts accessible and understandable to all.”

Nina Grunfield

“Jules has a wonderful energy and enthusiasm about her when she’s talking about confidence. She really walks her talk.” 

Nina Grunfield Author & Founder of the Life Clubs - www.NinaGrunfield.com

According to leading Happiness Coach Alexandra Watson,

“Jules is strong, passionate, knowledgeable and has a good sense of herself! I would want her as my coach.”


Dr. David Hamilton, scientist, author and speaker says,

“She speaks from the heart, clearly about stuff she really knows about.”