Are you choosing convenience over consciousness?

A deep question to start the blog with.

It came from a discussion I was having with a friend.

We were talking about the convenience of the life we have access to; food, TV, internet, social media etc.

And how, if we were not thinking consciously, we could be swept along with the convenience that today’s life offers, and before you know it, be heading down a road, which if conscious, we would not have chosen.

I can recognise this in many aspects of life over the years.

It was more convenient for me to grab fast food than plan and cook for the week.

It was more convenient for me to drink with everyone else than stand out from the crowd.

It was more convenient for me to stay on social media and email than do the work that I needed to.

It would not be a helpful blog if I just listed these, I am sure you could add more, I certainly know I can.

This is a challenge for us to do – be conscious – because at the moment for the majority of us it takes more effort than living the convenient life. Being conscious also tends to provide long term gratification and the thinking mind likes short term gratification, so convenience works for it.

But is it how we really want live our lives?

Some of you reading this may think – ‘yes absolutely. Love me some short term gratification.’

If that’s you, then you get your short term gratification here 🙂 I wouldn’t bother reading on.

Long term gratification and conscious living is going to be the focus for the rest of this blog.

Not that short term gratification is wrong.

Neither are right or wrong.

They just bring different ways of living.

Food is often the easiest way to talk about this.

Hunger = short term ‘feed me now’ gratification = reaching out for the nearest thing to remove the sensation of hunger.

But the nearest thing may be a bag of crisps, bacon buttie or cake.

Not bad or evil things if it’s a one off.

But this hunger thing happens often.

And when convenience is the dominant way of thinking then whatever is nearest will do.

Maybe it’s not hunger that triggers a sensation. Maybe insecurity happens, which again creates a sensation that the thinking wants to get away from quickly, so again reaches out for cake or crisps.

Maybe it’s not food, maybe the short term gratification is social media, TV, sleep, drink, drugs, sex, talking, shopping….

Whatever it picks is quick and convenient.

It’s reasoning is based on the perceived discomfort that it is experiencing and wants to get away from.

When you are thinking consciously you can see this and this then gives you choice. Yes I could reach out for the ‘quick fix’ or I can be patience and wait. This may mean in the short term that I experience uncomfortable thinking, but in the long term it could mean a more helpful and healthy way of living.

Where in your life are you choosing convenience over consciousness?

Is it time for a change?