Bee On Purpose (video)


Have you ever thought about your life purpose?

It’s a topic that comes up frequently in my coaching conversations. Clients want to know what it is and how they find it!

Life purpose has been bandied around in personal and spiritual development circles as one of, if not THE key to success.

But what if you don’t know what it is.

I remember a story my coach shared with me. He asked me whether or not I thought a bee knew its life purpose.

Does the bee think it is its job to produce honey? Is that true or does it serve a greater purpose?

In this short video, I’ll share why I think the bee doesn’t fully recognise the difference it makes.


Here’s the Video:


Like the bee, we may not know our life purpose or we may think we aren’t making a significant difference. But how can we know?

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So don’t get too caught up in knowing your purpose. Do the things you are drawn to and that light you up, safe in the knowledge that it fits in a much bigger picture.

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