7 Keys of Confidence ~ Blame & Responsibility (video)


Earlier this year, I held a mini Facebook Live Training on the 7 Keys of Confidence. Each day for a week, I shared one of the locks that keep us feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied in life and gave a key for unlocking more confidence and self-worth.

If you missed it, don’t worry because for the next few weeks, I’ll be including some of the highlights of that training right here on the blog.

Today’s highlight introduces the first lock and key – blame & responsibility.

When we blame anyone or anything for our life circumstances, we only succeed in disempowering ourself. How is it possible to clearly see the opportunities and possibilities in your life if you are hell-bent on blaming your family, the school system, your partners, the weather, the government or your economic status for how you feel or think about yourself?

You’ve got to take back that responsibility for your choices in order to make changes and make a difference. And responsibility means putting in effort. You can join a gym, you can hire a personal trainer but you still have to do the work to get the results you want.

But you know what, I believe in you! Do you?


Here’s the video:


Some questions to think about:

  • Who do you blame externally for how you think and feel about your life or yourself currently?
  • How do you blame yourself when things don’t work out?
  • What impact does blaming have on you and your confidence?
  • What does it stop you doing? What is the cost?
  • What if, by taking personal responsibility, you could change how you think and feel about yourself and your confidence? What could that give you?


Watch the full series of videos:



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