Taking the Next Step – Joe’s Story

  They say you can’t take a step until you’re in the right head space – and that was literally true when it came to committing to working with Jules. Having first met her back in 2008 on a business development course, it took several years and a lot of personal changes and challenges before…

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One of the most powerful TED talks that I have ever watched

  I watch a number TED Talks for various reasons; to be inspired, educated and even to learn from the speakers styles. (if you have never heard of TED – it stands for Technology, Education and Design and is now an online hub for amazing talks, that will make you laugh, cry and question) Very often,…

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What is your relationship with confidence? (video)

  Have you ever considered your relationship with confidence? Confidence means “to trust”, yet so often, I see clients wrapped up in self doubt and criticism usually in challenging times when they need self-trust the most. Is your relationship with confidence conditional or unconditional? Do you only feel confident when things are going well? Or…

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The Social Media Illusion

  You may have seen my post last week, Going Behind the Scenes and what I learnt about illusion from my time working backstage in theatres. The same can be said about Social Media. Every time we create or share perfectly-posed images, we are portraying a magical social media persona. And what goes on behind…

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Going Behind the Scenes

  The factory where my mum worked took all the families on an annual pilgrimage to London’s West End. When I was 9 years old, it was to see The Sound of Music. I loved musicals and the theatre. For me it was such a magical place. Full of song, smiles, sparkles and stars. I…

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The Runner’s Journey – Chloe’s Story

Image of Chloe Sellwood

  In today’s article, I want to share with you Chloe’s story and how she overcame adversity to complete a 100-mile race. I worked with Chloe as part of her career development plan to help her gain further clarity on what she enjoyed with work and what else she wanted to do moving forward.  Coaching…

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How to make a decision

  I often have discussions with clients about how to make decisions, especially those big, potentially life changing ones. You know, the big – ‘do I stay, do I go’ or ‘is this a yes or no’ type questions. Some people lose sleep over such decisions. Some avoid making them. Others jump in without much…

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How working with Jules can help your business ~ Sally’s story

  I began coaching with Jules several years ago. At that time I was starting my nutritional therapy business ‘Nutrition in York’ and had been a single Mum for a few years. I’d never had much self confidence and the little I did have had been badly bruised by a divorce. I knew I needed…

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Confidence in Business – Talk Tuesday (Interview)

Talk Tuesday Image

  I was recently invited as a guest on Talk Tuesday with Professional Spring, an organisation that brings brilliant women together to grow businesses and themselves. In our discussion, we covered the myths about confidence and how they can hold you back from building a business and/or your professional success. As this may be relevant…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Do you trust yourself? (video)

Video Image

  This video is another short extract from my recent live training on the 7 Keys of Confidence. On Day 7, I asked a question, “Do you trust yourself?” Not that you will always get the right answer or be perfect but do you trust yourself to make a decision? So many times we make a…

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