Interview: Confidence Crises & Knocks (video)

What’s the difference between a confidence crisis and a confidence knock? And how do you deal with each? In this fifth and final part of my interview with Tiffany, I discuss how to recover from a confidence crisis that leads to self doubt and questioning. I also share how reviewing our beliefs and choosing the…

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Confidence Killers #5 ~ Language (video)

In this video series, I am describing some of the ways our confidence can be affected by confidence killers. Today’s topic is language. How we use our language has a dramatic impact on others (in the way we speak to people) and ourselves (the inner talk that goes on in our brains) Neuro-science, Positive Psychology…

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Grabbing some headspace!

We all need to take some time out and reflect, right!? In 2003, I attended my first ever retreat. I had no idea really what one was and didn’t know anyone who had been on one before, so setting off I didn’t know what to expect. I packed my ‘chill out clothes’ a book, my journal…

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