‘Stuff’ will never make you feel enough!

It’s been wonderful whirlwind the last few weeks with work. I have been all over the country delivering trainings and my new talk ‘How infectious are you?’ where I share my patient journey from 2018. And the impact your focus and attitude can have on your life and those around you. Read a review of…

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How Infectious Are You?

As well as coaching people 1:1 and delivering training, I also do speaking gigs. For more than a decade now I have shared The TRUTH about confidence and How to use your brain for a change. As well as many other bespoke talks.  (For more info on my talks click here ) This year I have…

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How to change how you feel.

In the flurry of today’s world, how goes things in your life? Honestly. How are you doing? Have you ever noticed the platitudes used to answer this question. “Fine”, “OK”, “Not bad”? Not saying anything.   Or those who focus on what’s not right or what’s wrong. What they or others haven’t got. Where they…

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How to make this year, the best year yet…yep that old chestnut!

This time of year you will see plenty of tips and tricks floating around the wonder web that encourage you to change your life. Some will be en pointe. Some may be left field. Some, in all honesty, you can ignore. But the one thing you can not ignore, is that no matter what you…

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Stop looking for work/life balance!

2018 is a year that I will remember. It has been a challenge for me, that is for sure. Life threw a curve ball in April with regard my health. I was side swiped and in hospital for a week, for first time. And back and forth a number of times throughout the year. Life…

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How do you catch the winds of luck?

Four Leaf Clover

  I often twitch when I hear the word luck being used as so often it’s in a detrimental way either to the person using it or to the person it’s being directed to. It was directed at me last year and sparked a rant which you can watch here. It’s still something high on…

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Simple Ways to Make a Difference (to yourself AND others)

  I often hear people say that they “just want to make a difference” It’s frequently the simple things that can make the biggest difference. And usually they are not rocket science either. I was recently a patient in hospital and it gave me the opportunity to people watch on a grand scale – not…

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Simple ways to lift your mood!

Image of woman dancing

  Today I wanted to share something personal. Something that those who know me well will have seen. It’s something that I actually find very hard to hide. And recently someone noticed within minutes of us meeting. I love dancing and moving around to music. According to my mum, I could dance even before I could walk.…

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How to make a decision

  I often have discussions with clients about how to make decisions, especially those big, potentially life changing ones. You know, the big – ‘do I stay, do I go’ or ‘is this a yes or no’ type questions. Some people lose sleep over such decisions. Some avoid making them. Others jump in without much…

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Confidence in Business – Talk Tuesday (Interview)

Talk Tuesday Image

  I was recently invited as a guest on Talk Tuesday with Professional Spring, an organisation that brings brilliant women together to grow businesses and themselves. In our discussion, we covered the myths about confidence and how they can hold you back from building a business and/or your professional success. As this may be relevant…

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