Coaching… from the other side.

Self growth is my number 1 value in both business and life.

I hadn’t realised that this wasn’t the norm’ until a close friend stated, in shock ‘This is more than just a business for you isn’t it?” And yes, it is.

It is a way of life. I watch, read and listen to great teachers everyday. And every couple of weeks speak with my coach. He and I have been working together for more than a decade. Which I know is not the norm’ within coaching. But in all honesty, he’s not the norm’ in coaching! He’s a teacher and a coach. And what he has challenged me with, taught and shared with me over the years has truly changed my life.

Often the coaching process can take me (or anyone) into a new ‘realm’ as it questions and dissolves the old. This in the past has seemed as if being in limbo or as a sense of being lost. Although I’m not.

It has triggered old patterns of fear and panic. I have to remember that I may not know the lay of the land. Nor have a map. But there have been a number of times like this. And I have still survived. I still manage to get up and dressed and out the door each day.

It may seem new, odd, strange and darn right uncomfortable at the time. But that does not make it wrong.

And I need to remind myself of that.

It’s not wrong. It’s different. It’s new.

Especially when I am in that place.

I’m doing my best to not think of it as limbo or that I am lost. Old thinking patterns want to though. My focus is to be vigilant and conscious of habit and not indulge it. Otherwise I’m more likely to head into hell than be in a mythical limbo!

And it’s where I am residing at the moment. A new place.

It’s like arriving in a new city without a map. It may take a while to find my way around, but as long as I stay aware and have patience with myself, at some point I will get the lay of the land.

Watching, reading and listening to the likes of Mark (my coach), Jordan Peterson, Adyashanti, Eckharte Tolle and other great thinkers inspires me. It invites me to look deeper. And when I do that’s when I can leave old my known world…and that can be like going on an inner adventure. And seems to follow a similar format to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey;

It’s not external adventure. It’s internal. A venture into the new world to see who you become.

And this is what I invite my coaching clients to do too. Venture into a new world. One that is different from the one they have inhabited for a while. And one that they decide they want to create. Whether that is stepping out of the ‘old world’ of playing small, not speaking out or not taking the opportunities. Or maybe it’s stepping into the world of calm, less stress, more organised. Or of course the adventure could be to live in the world confidently believing in yourself, which for most really would be a new world!

My belief is that by seeing my life as a work in progress and going through this process for myself, I have a lived experience of what this is like. And opportunity to comprehend the experience of my clients.

And are you ready to venture into that new world, with a coach by your side?

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