Confidence Killers #4 ~ Exaggeration (video)

To understand confidence better we need to know the misunderstandings that are killing it. So I created this “Confidence Killers” series to highlight some of these myths.

In this video, I discuss exaggeration.

How can you be yourself if you are exaggerating anything – like how much money you have, how many dates you have been on or how much you weigh?

When we exaggerate, there’s a disconnect between truth and what you believe or what you say.

Equally, shrinking or trying to be modest both belittles what we have achieved and keeps us small.

Both of these are confidence killers.

As Brene Brown says: “Don’t exaggerate and don’t shrink – stay in your sacred power”

When you focus on the truth – and speaking from there – the more comfortable you can be in your skin and the more congruent you appear to others.

Here’s the video:



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