Confidence Killers #5 ~ Language (video)

In this video series, I am describing some of the ways our confidence can be affected by confidence killers.

Today’s topic is language. How we use our language has a dramatic impact on others (in the way we speak to people) and ourselves (the inner talk that goes on in our brains)

Neuro-science, Positive Psychology and other fields have provided substantial research that our words matter. It has also shown that we have a primal safety mechanism to focus on negativity – to seek out the things that could hurt us.

To develop our confidence, we need to apply effort in rewiring our brains. It’s not about overdoing it and becoming all ra-ra (as our brains won’t respond to inauthenticity and exaggeration) but becoming conscious and making positive choices about our inner and outer language.

Your words impact how you think, how you feel and what you will achieve. Does that sound like something worth putting effort into?

Here’s the video:



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