Grabbing some headspace!

We all need to take some time out and reflect, right!?

In 2003, I attended my first ever retreat. I had no idea really what one was and didn’t know anyone who had been on one before, so setting off I didn’t know what to expect. I packed my ‘chill out clothes’ a book, my journal and of course coloured pens, and off I drove into the unknown. Nervous. Uncertain as to what to expect. And honestly was nervous about eating different food too! (It was veggie!!)
At the end of those few days away I was amazed at how changed I felt. It was as if my eyes had been taken out and cleaned, I could see the world in a different way. I was also experiencing myself from a new perspective. And yet hadn’t ‘done’ much. I talked. I listened. I wrote. I read. Was quiet. Walked and ate new, lovely food. Three days felt like a refreshing three week break. I was so glad that had made a conscious choice to say yes, when my automatic answer was actually NO.
Yep believe it or not when this offer first came my way I gave my reasons for not being able to go; couldn’t take the time off or be away from the family, I wasn’t sure I could afford it, I didn’t think I would like the food AND I didn’t know anyone going. It pushed all my insecurities at the time and because my insecurities were pushed, my automatic reaction came out, which in this instance was NO.
How often do we do that?
An opportunity arises and without realising it our automated reaction system is what decides, not us.
I was recently discussing this with a client and what she came to realise is that rather than go with her automatic answer, she was going to pause first, take a deep breath and ask herself who was making the choice her. Was it really her or the automated system? She realised that the automated system was deciding most of her life, so we spent the rest of that session working out a process she could use to help herself make a conscious choice. Which may still be a no, but at least it would be a conscious ‘no’ rather than an automatic one.
We do it with food, jobs, money, partners. In fact we are making choices every second of every day. But are they happening automatically or consciously?
Now, I consciously look for a retreat every year! In fact in a few weeks I am going on my second of 2015 AND then I am running the third Time for You retreat.
The retreats I attend range from silent ones to teaching, learning and experiential. I base my conscious choice for doing them on being in a lovely location and eating great food! I have done most in the UK and some in India, USA and Turkey too. It doesn’t matter where I am though my intent is the same. To give myself space to relax. To be looked after and to get some time to myself to reflect.
And that’s the basis that I create the first Time for You retreat in 2013. This year’s is no different. To find out more and book your place CLICK HERE
Whether you choose to take the Time for You retreat this year or not. Make sure it is a conscious choice. And in fact I would challenge you to take the next full day and make every choice a conscious one rather than an automatic one.
And grab your diary, and mark an hour to a full day where you can stop, reflect, give yourself a moment to breath…and I wonder just how refreshed you could feel after that!
What are you waiting for?
Either you take the time for you or before you know it, another year will have passed!
Yours consciously choosing 🙂
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