Have the confidence to make mistakes

Do you stop yourself from doing things for fear you might make a mistake? That you might get it wrong or look a fool?

I have spent too much of my life being worried about that.

But now…

Last week you may have noticed was a big week. I launch the new Evolve Confidence Community (Doors are now closed. You can join the wait list here).

The preparation, launch, and community itself requires both written and recorded content. Now, if you’ve read even a couple of my newsletters or blogs, you’ll probably notice typos (I even blogged about them).

This happens on recordings too.

(It’s amazing how speaking becomes a problem when the camera is on!!)

Usually these outtakes end up on the virtual cutting room floor. But this time I saved them for you!

I’m sharing this for laughs.

AND to show you that it’s OK to make mistakes.

You can make yourself laugh through them and learn from them.

Enjoy x