How Can I Improve My Public Speaking Skills?

This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions that I receive and it could come from a student or a CEO!

Developing your presentations skills is a step by step process, and needs to start from wherever you are now. It’s a big topic so here are my top three tips to give you food for thought.

1.       Preparation

Make it important to give yourself time to work on your presentation. You’ll be amazed at the amount of people who leave writing a presentation ‘til the last minute and this is one of the main reasons why people are scared is because they don’t give themselves time. Schedule it and do it. Use bullet points rather than a script as this will keep you on track and allow you to flow naturally, rather than struggle to remember words. The more time you give yourself the more time you will have to pare down your words.

2.       Purpose

What is your purpose of delivering the information you are about to share? So few people know why they are delivering a presentation, for many it’s because they have been told to. Before you compile your content, ask yourself what’s my purpose for this? To inform, entertain, educate, to sell? Know what your personal purpose, the purpose for the company and most importantly your audience’s purpose are. This will help keep you focused and the content relevant.

3.       Posture

There is countless research about how your clothes impact your posture which subsequently influences your moods. Whatever your purpose for your presentation make sure your posture matches. Take time to choose your outfit make sure that it is giving you the kind of posture that matches with your purpose. Wear the outfit before you present, including underwear and shoes to make sure that you are comfortable.

These tips may seem simple and to be honest they are, and yet so few people do them. Help yourself by getting these in place before you take on the next part to developing your speaking skills and you will stand out.

Remember, believe in yourself.