How many times during the day to you hit pause?

Wherever you are right now, pause.

In fact stop.

It’s not forever.

Just for now.






How many times do you do that during the year? It seems as if the years are going by faster, and maybe they are. But when we are only focused on the future, tomorrow, or the past, yesterday, you are missing out on this moment and time does seem to go by in a flash.

So pause right now.

Take a deep breath in and very slowly let that breath out. Repeat as many times as you like.

I often welcome clients to our sessions this way. Inviting them to be ‘here’ before we start. Sounds obvious, but if you really take a look at how you live your life, my guess would be that it is not in the present.

It’s amazing how much time the thinking spends in the past or the future and ignores what is here. Right in front of you.

Often what the thinking does is make up a story about what it thinks is here. But what it thinks is here and the truth, rarely match.

And taking time to consciously connect with our breathing can help us do that.

It can help us step away from worrying and see that it is the thinking that is worrying – usually over the past. And no amount of worried thinking has ever changed the past.

It can also give us a ‘breather’ to hear that anxious thinking is future focused. And no matter how much I anxiously think about the future I can not make it be as I want it to. I can not control others or manipulate the world to be as I want.

But both these modes of thinking do have an impact on you and how you experience life.

So take a deep breath and realise that this is thinking is wasting energy. Energy that you could be using right now, for something else. To be thinking in a far more helpful way. About what is actually happening rather than what you think happened or might happen.

I do appreciate that for people who have a habit of worrying or being anxious about life, this may sound very simplistic. Maybe too simplistic. And could possibly be seen as belittling the situation. Which of course is not the intent.

The intent, in fact invitation, is to help yourself by using the breath to step back and connect with the present moment.

Coaching clients often look bemused at the speed with which they can change their perspective on a situation. Change their thinking around themselves too. Just by pausing, taking that deep breath and stepping away from that thinking.

It provides the space for clarity. It demystifies potentially complex matters. It puts thinking in  perspective, which always creates an opportunity for a different focus.

So, pause. And no matter what is happening in your life give yourself the breath to help you look at it another way.

We know this because we say ‘take a deep breath and count to ten.’

We may have experienced it when you ‘slept on it’, through the night you have paused and taken plenty of deep breaths – hopefully! Hence the change in perspective that often happens when you wake.

It is easy to not think consciously about how to help yourself and easy to get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of this life. But the more you can hit pause, even just for the length of 3 deep breaths, it can certainly help.

So go for it and hit pause! 🙂