How to shine with confidence (video)

What if I told you that you always have confidence? Perhaps you would dismiss or even laugh at the thought.

In fact, it’s true! Your confidence is like the sun and rather than it disappearing, it is much more about the clouds that are obscuring it from your view.

In this short video, I want to share how you can identify the clouds so that you can move through them and shine with confidence.

Here’s the video:


Prefer to read instead? Here’s the full transcript:

No matter where you are today, watching this video, look outside the window, can you see the sun?

Now this is obviously going to depend on the time of year, where you are in the world and even the time of day. But my guess is even if you can’t see the sun right now because it is night-time or because it’s obscured by clouds, you know that it’s still there. You know that somewhere it is still lighting up somewhere in the world and even if you can’t see it, you have this belief, you have this knowing from the evidence that we have that the sun is always there.

Now I believe confidence is the same as the sun. Your internal confidence is always there no matter whether clouds come past (perfect timing) whether clouds come past or not, your confidence is always there just like the sun. But just like the sun, if you want to see it, sometimes you have to go and actively look for it.

Whether that means moving to a country that experiences more sunshine than it does here in the UK in Yorkshire or whether it means that you just have to get on a plane and go through those clouds, if you really want to experience more of it, you’ve got to put that effort in and in our own internal confidence, I see that effort as becoming aware of what those clouds are. What are the clouds that are in the way that are blocking you from experiencing your own internal confidence.

In my view those internal clouds are beliefs and thoughts that we are having about ourselves or a situation which relates to ourselves. Now just in the same way that although clouds can look gorgeous and fluffy and that you could jump on them, we know that they’re not solid and neither are those beliefs that you have. Neither are the thoughts you have. They’re not solid. They can be penetrated, they are transparent and when you challenge them and look for different ways of thinking about yourself and having a different thought perception about yourself, it is going to give you the opportunity to experience a different kind of confidence.

So my offering for you today is challenge those beliefs that you have. Challenge those thoughts, those clouds and look for thoughts and beliefs that could help you experience even more of your own self confidence today. And start to do that for yourself. Because when you remember that believing in yourself will impact your life, that’s when you can make the differences for yourself.