Interview: What is confidence really? (video)


This is the third part of my interview with Tiffany Kay when she asks me the all important question, what is confidence really?

There’s a common misperception that you can have too much confidence, but confidence and arrogance are very different things.

In this short video, I begin by sharing what confidence is not before explaining what genuine and authentic confidence is really like (and how you can tell the difference).

Here’s the interview:


More about The TRUTH About Confidence…

The idea that being confident can make you be (or appear) arrogant is just one of the many myths of our society. I’ve dedicated my career to discovering the truth about genuine and authentic confidence so that I can share it with others. For the first time, I am offering my deep dive workshop to the public and I would love you to join me.

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In this one-day event I’ll debunk the myths around building confidence and show you where your resilience and self-worth are being hindered rather than helped. I’ll share real-world examples for overcoming barriers and limitations and pragmatic tools that can be applied to any situation.

No more faking it, or acting as if you feel confident.
No more pretending to feel comfortable, whilst squirming on the inside.
No more frustration over fluctuating self-belief.
Just you, experiencing real confidence!

To find out more, visit the events pages below:

The Truth About Confidence on 3rd September (Find out more here)

The Truth About Confidence on 16th October (Find out more here)