Levelling up in life

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I was watching a webinar this weekend where a guy was describing his journey with personal development. He had ‘been there, done that and got the T-Shirt’ with regards most tools, techniques and methodologies. His main focus with learning was to help others but really he admitted, it was about him.
He wanted to find the secret way to live life without any problems.
Without suffering, worrying.
Without anxieties or issues.
So for eight years he trained, learnt, shared and yet, still had problems.

One day he realised that what he was looking for didn’t exist, after all he is human and as Oprah says “You can’t be human without facing challenges”.

And I too can relate to his story.
It reflected mine to a tee. I too had been looking for the easy life.
I had been on many trainings and courses, read so many books, always looking for the quick solutions to all my worries, fears, stress and problems.

My realisation came one day when I was watching someone play a computer game. (Sonic the Hedgehog if you need to know!)

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I noticed that each time that they went up a level they were tested, stretched, challenged, always with the aim of checking that the character had the skills for this level.
If they were not ready then they stayed on the current level until their strength grew.
Once they were a certain way through a level, things seemed to be getting easier, then bam!…they were stretched, tested and challenged again, only this time in preparation for the next level, the one that they couldn’t even see yet.

I watched in fascination as I realised that this is life.
My life.
I was on a certain level, going along OK and then bam!… life would throw a situation that would stretch, challenge or test me.
I couldn’t always see at the time what was being tested or how that messy situation was going to help me, but when I look back over my life, I begin to see the levels. And in fact, how, having gone through these human challenges, I have learnt a great deal about myself. I have grown stronger and at times gained new skills that have helped me on my next level.

So, I stopped looking for the easy life – one without problems, worries or challenges. I started to notice that I could have an easier life by seeing the challenges as life training. As preparation for the next bit…whatever that next bit may be. And life became a bit more exciting!

Experiencing life this way means that when I do have a challenge happen in my life (relationship break-up, death of a friend, family illnesses, change in business contracts – and this is just the last few months!) I take a deep breath and step away from the life shouldn’t be this hard mantra and ask myself:
What CAN I do?
What can I learn from this?
What do I need to see that I haven’t been seeing?
What do I need to support me through this with kindness?
And I wonder what exciting opportunities could arise from me experiencing this situation and learning from it?

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It doesn’t mean there are never tears or tantrums.
But if they do happen they are short-lived.
I know that this challenge/problem/issue/situation, will, in the long term, help me grow in strength so that I am ready for the next level, whatever that could mean for me!

What could happen for you if you realised that too?

If you saw your life as a computer game that was there to help you learn and be ready for the next level?

Let me know your thoughts below, maybe by sharing your learnings from your level that could help someone else learn from where they are right now?

Remember sharing is caring!