Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone


Oh yes.
The comfort zone.
That place that is talked about so much.
The place where you get to snuggle up with all your automatic self-doubting thoughts.
Where you can get by without having to do too much.
It’s served you well to get you to here.
Sometimes it kinda stinks a bit, but hey, you’re used to it, you don’t notice is so much these days and well it’s clean!
It’s clean and safe!
In fact that’s the key with it.
It’s the place that you feel safe.
So why would you want to step outside of it?
It’s important that you stay safe right?

The thing is… you don’t need to use a comfort zone to keep yourself safe.
Because you have a primal brain ((aka the reptilian/lizard brain or amygdala) that has got the safety thing covered. The primal brain is there to keep you physically safe. To keep you alive and, if you are reading this, it seems to have done a great job so far!
Let’s give credit were credit is due, your primal brain is doing a pretty great job of that surviving thing!

But we also have a psychological brain. That’s the more evolved brain that is there to do the advanced thinking. The problem is that it has jumped in on the act and thinks it too has to keep us safe too…but safe from what?

Remember that the primal brain will automatically kick in and do what it needs to keep this body alive when needed. If you want proof, hold your breath and see how long it takes before the body forces you to breathe again.
We don’t need to train it to do this.
We don’t need to issue instructions.
It just does it.
Thanks Lizard brain.

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Our psychological brain has got hooked into thinking it needs to be on high alert too.
It is full of fears and worries.
‘What if I say the wrong thing?’
‘What if I fail or make a mistake’
Or thoughts to that effect.

So it convinces us that it’s better to stay put in the comfort zone, to stay with what we know.
Why take the risk?
It’s safer here.
Or is it?

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I was working with a client last year who was firmly entrenched in her comfort zone. The safety and certainty of what she knew was attractive to her. And yet, she was bored!

She wanted to develop as a professional woman. She wanted to stretch beyond what she thought of as her comfort zone but she was petrified.
Yep that was the word she used ‘petrified
Something that I know others can relate to also.

So we spent some time examining her comfort zone from different angles.
What it meant for her.
How she knew when she was in it.
How she knew when she was outside it.
How she described herself when in it.
And how she described herself when outside.

Through investigating her comfort zone more closely, something struck her.
Something she had obviously not thought of before.
Just because I know (or think I know) the comfort zone stuff does not automatically mean that it’s safe. It’s just I know it. And not knowing outside of it doesn’t make that unsafe either

This realisation gave her the insight she needed to start to step outside her comfort zone.
She finally saw that her concept of safety was a myth.
Yes it was that simple!

Discovering this truth didn’t guarantee outcomes but it did highlight possibilities.
It didn’t guarantee perfection but it did provide an opportunity for preparedness.

The more we looked at what might be on the other side of the comfort zone, the lighter it seemed.
It was like she had stepped to the edge of her comfort zone with a torch and was shining it outwards.
Not everything was lit.
Not all became clear.
But some things did.
And that was were she chose to put her attention.
What was clear became her focus.
And that simple attention gave her the courage to take just one step outside of her comfort zone, to stretch and start moving.

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She stepped away from automatic behaviours to making conscious choices.
Since then, watching what she has created and achieved in the time we have been working together has been a pleasure to witness.

So are you willing to stand at the edge of your comfort zone and shine the torch outwards?
I wonder what would be lighting up on the other side for you.


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