One of the most powerful TED talks that I have ever watched


I watch a number TED Talks for various reasons; to be inspired, educated and even to learn from the speakers styles.

(if you have never heard of TED – it stands for Technology, Education and Design and is now an online hub for amazing talks, that will make you laugh, cry and question)

Very often, I must confess, that I will listen and do something else too – sort emails, scroll social media etc.

But this week was different.

As with most of the speakers I knew nothing about Megan Phelps-Roper. Nor did I really know much about Westboro Baptist church. But I needed a break and clicked play.

I was mesmerised.

Megan’s style had me hooked from the the start.
She is a considered presenter. Softly spoken and still.
Her story is one that offers bravery and compassion in a way that I think the world is in desperate need of.
It is a topic of conversation that happens with more frequency these days too.


People needing to be right.
Needing to prove the other wrong.
Needing certainty of the world and wanting it to be ‘their way’.

It happens in home, business, organisations, cities, countries, around the world.
It can be about race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics…the list goes on.
In a nutshell… “it’s my beliefs against yours!”

[bctt tweet=”Be more connected, forgiving and understanding. Let’s appreciate our differences rather then fearing them.” username=”juleswymanuk”]

I think Megan’s experience, story and 4 insights, is a great way to start.
For us to be more connected.
Understanding of others.
And not needing us to be the same, an appreciation of our differences rather than fearing them.

Have a watch and let me know in the comments section below what you think: