Simple ways to lift your mood!

Image of woman dancing


Today I wanted to share something personal.
Something that those who know me well will have seen.
It’s something that I actually find very hard to hide.
And recently someone noticed within minutes of us meeting.

I love dancing and moving around to music.
According to my mum, I could dance even before I could walk.
(it’s written in my baby book ‘she’s still dancing and not yet walking’!)

Sometimes I can be standing in a shop and not realise that I am jigging away to a song.
I have even been unaware how audible my singing was too.

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I love how a piece of music or song can lift my energy to a new place.
And I have specific playlists for different events for that reason.
I also have certain tunes that I know I can’t stay quiet or sit still to when they are on.
I have these on a playlist ready to go for times when I feel that my energy could do with some help.

I want to share my top 5 with you…not because you have to like them or have them as your uplifting songs, but to encourage you to do the same.

It’s a simple way to help yourself.

Whether you are a rocker or a popper, like classical or heavy metal, it really is worth taking the time to create a playlist that you know will bring a smile to your face or make you sing — or even start dancing!


Some of these songs are kinda cheesy!


Better When I’m Dancin’



I hadn’t heard this tune until a friend shared it after watching the Peanuts Movie. It became a favourite at our Zumba class and last year when I was facing a tough day, I used it to remind me that I DO feel better when I am dancing.  So I danced and then was able to deal with the tough day in a far more relaxed way.

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Can’t Stop the Feeling

This one does the same thing — especially this video:



It reminds me that it’s not about how I look, it’s about me moving!

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You Are Enough

So what can I say about my next choice…I played it for a client recently and, when she realised what the message was, she smiled. Tears rolled down her face.

Like me, she couldn’t help but join in with the chorus.



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Personal Jesus

Due to my age and where I was when I first heard this song, it gets me on a number of levels. It also kept popping into my head when I was on a long meditation course. It always gets my hands tapping too!




One Day Like This

And finally I have to include this as my all-time, lift-me-up song. It lights up my face and my heart whenever I hear it. I’ve also been in the crowd when they play it live, it’s beautiful.



So what songs light you up and are guaranteed to make you move and lift your energy?
Share them below and introduce me to your fav’ tunes!

And of course, the invitation here is to make your own playlist, so that you have a resource to help you through those tough days.

When you take responsibility to what you are listening to, you get to choose when you feel good!

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