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"When I was first introduced to Jules for personal one to one coaching I must admit to being a little apprehensive. I was struggling with a number of work related issues, low self-esteem and a negative attitude towards my peer group and what was being asked of me in my work role.

After the first session Jules was able to put me at ease with her approachable style but no nonsense delivery of what was expected. Over the sessions Jules shared with me a number of tools and techniques that helped shift my perspective and attitude towards my situation. She was able to hold the mirror up, which was at times uncomfortable but it allowed me to see my issues through others eyes.

The sessions were full of a variety of emotions, fun and laughter, tears and some very serious moments but throughout the sessions it felt very safe and very supportive. There were a number of light bulb moments where I made a break-through in support of my direction of travel.

At the end of six months I can honestly say that it has been a very thought provoking, meaningful and  thoroughly enjoyable experience. I now feel, personally I have a more positive outlook on where I am, what I want to achieve and how I intent to move forward. I have what I would describe as an inner peace, clarity and self-confidence in what I can achieve and what I have achieved over recent months. Nothing else has changed other than my perception and behaviour which has impacted on how I interact with others and thereby the response I receive from others.

Jules thank you, it's been an absolute pleasure and one I would not hesitate to do again !"

NHS Professional

"The 12 month coaching programme that I have received from Jules has made a significant impact on how I approach all aspects of my work and home life. Jules gave me the time and space to truly reflect on the behaviours and feelings that were clouding my vision. Through her warm and open approach she challenged my beliefs and helped me to see the wood from the trees and how to understand and recognise my own strengths and manage areas of development.

As a result of our time together, I have a totally different approach to all aspects of my working life. I can now reflect on who I was and where I have come to with great appreciation and thanks for the amazing toolkit that Jules provided to support me both personally and professionally.

A truly valuable and inspiring learning journey"

Rachel Wingfield
Business Development Manager
East Midlands Leadership Academy

"Jules provides an environment full of highly charged positive tension.  The tension arises from providing a ‘safe space’.  Safe in that we could discuss anything and everything, but far from safe in that she made me answer questions that I would rather, at the time, have run away from, and not only that, she makes you answer them again, and again, and again. Something I would not have thought helpful before. It is.

Would I recommend Jules?…You bet. She works with you as an individual, she does not use structure and format and make you fit the programme; she builds the session around you."

 Senior NHS Clinician

"What can I say between your light and guidance, your honest, blunt but caring truthfulness and support, as well as a fantastic support network I have done what I needed to do for so long. I am now separated from my husband, it was a bit rough to begin with, as to be expected, but it is so much better now.

I asked him to move out in October due to the family situation and he did, the spilt is permanent now and we are friends in the midst of the chaos. It went really well considering and continues to do so. I got a part time job to help sustain the finances as an independent person and feel so much stronger and in a better place than ever before. 

I am strong, happy, sure of my decisions and feel that although it is sad theoretically to close that door, I have opened so many others and a few windows too. 

 I honestly cannot thank you enough for reminding me I had the strength within to do it, capture my dreams and go forwards, so many things have happened since October it is unbelievable, so much positives as soon as the negative situation was solved.

I am not in the ideal place with my work but it is getting there and that is so important, you reminded me that just because I am in a certain situation it is not forever and it can be a temporary measure to get to the end goal and thanks to you I will.

I have found the faith I had in myself, the hopes and dreams I wanted and needed and the passion that I had lost. I honestly would recommend that anyone feeling slightly wobbly give you a call, email, whatever, just get in contact. The honest and down to earth approach you have and use even are refreshing and needed in this fake, superficial world. 

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart"



“Right from the start this course provided me with information which allowed me to build my confidence and increase my self awareness. I have become aware that when I start to feel overwhelm or drama I need to step back and look at what is causing it and what words or thoughts have supported/created the overwhelm or lack of confidence.

Each module is so informative and gave me something different.”

Lyn Man
Life Coach

Every woman can do with more confidence!  The TRUST System  is a way to look at the essence of confidence and how you can create authentic, real confidence, and the programme empowers you to change the way you view yourself forever.The difference between confidence and competence has had a huge impact for me. The programme has allowed me to go deeper into what confidence is, what it looks like for me and how I can be confident even when I´m not sure I’m competent.  This allows me to do more things with greater confidence!”

Tabitha Jayne
Author, Speaker and Coach

“I no longer feel pressured with the burden of being totally different overnight. It’s the start of a journey.”

“Realising that confidence and positive belief is within my compass.  Looking forward to making the journey.”

Zoe Cooke

“The programme gave me further insights into the way I deal with life. It allowed me to gain clarity and create distinction that unlocked new possibilities. I enjoyed Jules’ respect for the individual process as well as going beyond techniques to remind us of what is truly important.

I believe every woman needs to learn and put into practice this knowledge, the insights and the techniques given here. It is great value for money as your life is priceless!”

Angela Mendes

‘I have realised to stop comparing and start to focus on where I want to be, and not be afraid just to have a go.’

Wendy O’Connor


"One Together is a unique movement bringing together healthcare staff to improve patient safety. Jules Wyman opened our first event on 21st November 2103, she delivered a thought provoking, insightful session that was cited as best of the day for most delegates and exceeded our expectations.

Jules dedicates herself to listening and learning to ensure she is relevant. A true inspiration with a lasting affect.

This was the second time of seeing Jules and would be delighted to attend any other session she might be supporting.

Delegates were inspired and motivated following her session and from discussions with many, went away with a positive approach to future directions"

Kat Topley
Clinical Efficiency Manager
3M Healthcare

"There are not many people who are truly inspirational; there are many who have an interesting story, many who have overcome huge hardship, but not many who speak from (and to) the heart. Jules is truly inspirational, hearing her speak is like putting on a pair of spectacles; suddenly everything is clearer and the world looks like a different place. 

It was refreshing to have a speaker that talked to us about the issues we all have in common and that we fight with each and every day"

Kevin Hollinrake
Managing Director
Hunters Estate Agent

"Just thought I’d drop you a line after your presentation. I don’t know whether it was just about being in the right place at the right time but a few years ago I would’ve seen a presentation about “inner confidence”  and thought what a load of nonsense! Probably because I thought it would be all touch feely stuff and in the past my reaction to anyone going to that would be for god’s sake a get a grip, I certainly wouldn’t have sat through one.

Over the last couple of years I have become a lot more open minded because the ironic thing is I’ve suffered from low confidence for pretty much all my life, not all the time but a lot of it. I would say it’s definitely held me back from where I thought I could go and what I could achieve and its held me back a lot! I guess I’m the stereo typical person that is the joker to try and mask the lack of self-belief!

Over the last couple of years I’ve read some books like The Secret, some Paul McKenna stuff and last year Steve Peter’s book, The chimp Paradox. This really helped because it helped me understand why I’ve the confidence issues, he calls them goblins and gremlins and it’s the goblins (ie the things that happen when you are very small that become hardwired) that are the reasons for the lack of self-belief.

So I’ve been working on it and trying to believe in myself more and who I am etc.

How you described confidence, is about feeling secure and trusting yourself really made sense and then your final believe in yourself line – I couldn’t stop thinking about it, still am this morning, wrote it on a piece of paper and it’s on my desk!

So thank you again, I’ll get on your site and download the freebie. I had a great day at the show yesterday, hopefully see you again."

Brand Yorkshire

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk this morning, I’m still buzzing and I’m still full of the images and words you spoke. I know we all can it’s just sometimes we need guidance. You filled the whole room with confidence and me especially. Thanks again for the few personal tips which I will use on my next presentation. It’s also something I will talk to my guys here at Autosafe Clifton about and use with all our customers. I will recommend you and your coaching to all my contacts and have confidence you will look after them and their businesses. Thanks again and we now have another description for “Work in Progress”.

Jon Hedison
Autosafe Clifton

“Jules has spoken for The PA Hub in both Leeds & York about building confidence and self belief and we received very positive feedback from the delegates on both occasions. The content Jules delivers is well thought out and she is an excellent presenter with clear and useful outcomes. The subject matter Jules talked could be considered as a sensitive subject in some parts and she delivered this skilfully and clearly having maximum effect. Jules is informative, engaging and easy to listen to and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Marion Lowrence
The PA Hub

"In August 2013, Jules was our key note speaker at our inaugural residential at York University.  To say she was well received is an understatement, her professionalism and desire to please the audience went down so well we are still receiving comments about the session over a month after the event. 

Her style is difficult to define, she is different, with a true honesty about the messages she is delivering, which makes her audience go away ‘believing’ they can make a difference – no matter how big or small that difference is.

I have personally worked with Jules on a one to one basis, as I needed some help and guidance on my presentation skills.  The session was definitely about how to present and how to do it well, but it also made me look at ‘me’ and made me stop worrying about what happens if my presentation goes awry and helped me concentrate on the impact I was going to have by just being ‘myself’.

I would thoroughly recommend Jules for any event, whether it be big or small, she will bring warmth to the event, a warmth that the audience will have little choice but to embrace.  I defy anyone to see Jules speak and not feel empowered at the end of her session."

Dawn Stott
Chief Executive

"Confidence. It’s a varied concept and means different things to different people. Whatever you may think it is it is undoubtedly something a lot of us would like more of. Whether that’s the confidence to walk into a room of people you don’t know and start chatting or the confidence to stand in front of your peers or leaders and give a presentation, it’s all based on self-trust.

Jules Wyman is the epitome of confidence but for her it is no trick or manipulation of others’ perception it is just a genuine belief in herself that allows her to feel, and therefore portray, comfort in most situations. Her description of a recent appearance on BBC Breakfast is a prime example of this – ‘Hand on heart, I wasn’t nervous. I knew that whatever happened, best or worse case, I could deal with it.’

I was lucky enough to be part of a morning workshop, held here in Manchester last Tuesday and led by Jules, where she shared with us some tips on how to become a more confident person. The good news for all of us is it’s not a trick! It’s possible for all of us and it is entirely in our control to begin to be more confident.

I took away a few things from the session on Tuesday but the biggest for me was being able to stop the white noise in my head that is me doubting myself. Jules describes the way we can sometimes speak to ourselves as abusive, and I have to say she’s pretty close. Sian Ong’s recent Colab post ‘Urgh…you’re fat and ordinary!!’ covers this really well. Most of us would never dream of saying that to someone else and yet we have no problem saying it to ourselves, regularly. I know I do. It becomes such a ‘go to’ description of myself that it is exactly like Jules describes it, white noise that I no longer really hear I just accept the noise. It’s only when we step out of our ‘comfort zones’ (which let’s face it, are more like scaredy cat boring hideouts than comfort zones) that we hear this noise afresh and if we hear it, we believe it. If instead of giving our brains the chance to return positivity we put ‘I can’t do this!’ or ‘I’m out of my depth here!’ into our internal Google search engines it’s no wonder that what we get back is ‘Yep, you’re right. Run!’ or ‘Probably better just to sit down and shut up then eh?’ Let's take back our internal searches and start to choose what we want to hear.

I am going to challenge myself to stop assuming that I can’t or that I’m rubbish but start assuming that I’m awesome! And if that feels like too much maybe I’ll start with an acceptance affirmation – ‘I am enough, I am perfectly imperfect and you know what, that’s ok’.

I would highly recommend anyone to spend time with Jules, not because she can teach you how to be confident but because she can help you recognise that we can unlock the potential for confidence in ourselves. The other attendees on Tuesday would no doubt agree, giving the event a 100% NPS score."

Rebecca Bates
Women’s Network
GE Capital

“I am a Chiropractor at Chiropractic 1st in York. We run monthly workshops for our Practice Members to give them a broader knowledge base on how to live healthier with more energy and less pain. For January I wanted to focus on stress management so who else to ask but Jules Wyman. She ran a workshop 'Stress Free Living for 2016 & Beyond'. Jules knows exactly how to capture an audience and give tools which we can apply to our lives the next day. I have had such great feedback from our Practice Members. She taught us how to alter our perceptions of the 'stressor' which completely changes your brains response and chemistry, result being better health. Many of us are Mums and I have used the techniques on my own children. Great evening, amazing and a very inspiring woman. Thank you so much! ”

Arleen Scholten
Chiropractic 1st