Making Changes

Dandelions changing colour

  Do you struggle with making changes? Have a habit that you want to stop and new ones that you want to create? What if I told you that there is a simple way that you can do this, would you be interested? Well, if you are still reading to this point I guess the…

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How do you catch the winds of luck?

Four Leaf Clover

  I often twitch when I hear the word luck being used as so often it’s in a detrimental way either to the person using it or to the person it’s being directed to. It was directed at me last year and sparked a rant which you can watch here. It’s still something high on…

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Simple Ways to Make a Difference (to yourself AND others)

  I often hear people say that they “just want to make a difference” It’s frequently the simple things that can make the biggest difference. And usually they are not rocket science either. I was recently a patient in hospital and it gave me the opportunity to people watch on a grand scale – not…

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Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone

  Oh yes. The comfort zone. That place that is talked about so much. The place where you get to snuggle up with all your automatic self-doubting thoughts. Where you can get by without having to do too much. It’s served you well to get you to here. Sometimes it kinda stinks a bit, but…

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Changing the way you think ~ Owen’s story

  I made one of the biggest steps in my career at the back end of 2008. I left full time employment as a senior designer in one of the top 100 design agencies in the UK to go it alone… to set up my own business, to step out into the unknown and the…

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The Truth About Judgment

  At my secondary school we had at least one assembly a week. A weekly gathering of students, usually by year group. A chance for a teacher to influence a mob of moody teenagers en masse. Sounds a bit like a lamb to the slaughter. I am pretty sure that some teachers hated it as…

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Don’t believe the hype of your assumptions

Hype Image

  You may have heard the saying that when you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME. It’s definitely a helpful way of remember the power of assumptions. But I am not sure it goes far enough. Recent experiences have highlighted to me that making assumptions can be damaging, dangerous and potentially…

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How to get the life you want

  Do you have the life you want? If not…what do you think is the reason behind that? When I ask this, many people answer with a list of life experiences and, to be honest, excuses. And I know that a number of years ago, I would have pretty much answered that way too. Something…

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How to avoid being arrogant (video)

  In this video (recorded as part of a confidence conversation Live on Facebook), I explain what arrogance really is. I share some of the behaviours associated with arrogance and why they are so often a mask for what is really going on. When we develop our confidence, we don’t have to fear becoming arrogant.…

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Dealing with a confidence nose dive ~ Sally’s story

  What a day with Jules can do! I always thought I had a good level of self-confidence. I am an approachable person with a great circle of friends and family around me. What’s not to feel confident about?! However, when entering a business networking event after having a break with networking for a few…

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