Going Behind the Scenes

  The factory where my mum worked took all the families on an annual pilgrimage to London’s West End. When I was 9 years old, it was to see The Sound of Music. I loved musicals and the theatre. For me it was such a magical place. Full of song, smiles, sparkles and stars. I…

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The Runner’s Journey – Chloe’s Story

Image of Chloe Sellwood

  In today’s article, I want to share with you Chloe’s story and how she overcame adversity to complete a 100-mile race. I worked with Chloe as part of her career development plan to help her gain further clarity on what she enjoyed with work and what else she wanted to do moving forward.  Coaching…

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How to make a decision

  I often have discussions with clients about how to make decisions, especially those big, potentially life changing ones. You know, the big – ‘do I stay, do I go’ or ‘is this a yes or no’ type questions. Some people lose sleep over such decisions. Some avoid making them. Others jump in without much…

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Confidence in Business – Talk Tuesday (Interview)

Talk Tuesday Image

  I was recently invited as a guest on Talk Tuesday with Professional Spring, an organisation that brings brilliant women together to grow businesses and themselves. In our discussion, we covered the myths about confidence and how they can hold you back from building a business and/or your professional success. As this may be relevant…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Do you trust yourself? (video)

Video Image

  This video is another short extract from my recent live training on the 7 Keys of Confidence. On Day 7, I asked a question, “Do you trust yourself?” Not that you will always get the right answer or be perfect but do you trust yourself to make a decision? So many times we make a…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Am I doing all I can? (video)

  This video is a short extract from a series, 7 Days of Confidence that I recorded live on Facebook. In fact, it was so ‘live’ that I was in a layby in the Cotswolds. The signal wasn’t great so the video isn’t as clear as I would like but hopefully you can hear the…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Whose rules are they? (video)

  This is another short extract from a live training I recently held on the 7 Keys of Confidence. On Day 5, we discussed the drive and desire for perfection. There is so much pressure on us to live a perfect life. But does striving to look/think/behave/be a certain way help you to feel confident…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Make it unacceptable (video)

  I recently held a 7-day live training on Facebook on the 7 Keys of Confidence. In the series, I talked about the various blocks (locks) and 7 keys to unlocking confidence. This video is an extract of that training, where I am talking about self-criticism and the impact it has on our confidence and our…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ What are you avoiding? (video)

  Do you ever find yourself procrastinating or putting things off? Ever asked yourself why? Procrastination is something that comes up with my clients time and time again. When we know we are putting things off, it blocks our confidence and makes us feel unworthy. But until we really understand how our reasons, excuses or justifications…

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7 Keys of Confidence ~ Opening to possibilities

  We live in a culture where clarity and certainty is favoured over ambiguity and vagueness. Sounds innocent enough right? But what if that need for certainty was a block to your confidence? What if instead it created rigidity and limitations that prevent the growth of the feelings you most want? I discovered this for…

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