Taking Ownership of Your Career

How do I take 100% ownership of my career? 

When faced with a question such as this in a one to one coaching session I flip the question around and ask my client, ‘How are you not taking 100% ownership of your career?’ As with many situations you need to know where you are now and what patterns/behaviours you are running to be able to make the changes you want to make.

Most people who feel that they don’t have ownership of their career are in B.E.D, and not in a fun way! They feel stuck and are not moving forward.  These are the kind of people who BLAME – others, themselves, circumstances, even the weather for the way their career is and the fact that they are not where they want to be. What these people fail to realise is that by blaming, they are disempowering and de motivating themselves!

Then the EXCUSES come pouring out sometimes disguised as reasons, as to why things are they way they are and why they can’t do anything more than they already have. Again this is disempowering and is keeping them stuck, possibly feeling frustrated or angry for not being where they want to be.

The final bed fellow is DEFENCE. Not as easy to spot as it’s slumber companions but equally as destructive.  When someone is defending their ‘corner’ they are not open to listening to what is going on and will potentially miss out on opportunities to learn and those chance promotions.

If you really want to take ownership of your career, you need to listen out for this ménage a trois and stop the blame, excuses and defence. Instead, collect the facts of the situation and ask yourself ‘ok if this is where I am now, where do I want to be?’ Write your answers down, no matter how precise or vague. Take a break, come back and have another read. Can you be even more specific? Where do you want to be? How do you want your career to be? Now for stepping up and taking ownership;

‘How can you get there?’ You may not know the answer straight away but it will come to you and when it does then you can take action. Get your career up, out of bed and moving in the direction you want it to be!

Remember, believe in yourself, your life depends on it!