The Wizardy Of Fear

I am part of an global course which 120 people have signed up for. Part of the course is a monthly webinar call where you get to have your questions answered by the experts.  It’s a regular session to get the support you need…and yet less than 20% of people show for these great calls!

There is research and statistics galore on how many people buy development/business books versus how many read them cover to cover and finally how many put into practice what they have learnt. The average for those that do implement what they read is sadly less than 3%.

When I discovered this I was shocked. We have access to so much helpful information and yet so few of us follow through. Why?

Of course so much of it is down to that beast in the corner…Fear! The one that we know is there and yet aren’t prepared to face most of the time.

I could beat around the bush but let’s just cut to the chase with fear, so you can get on with living!

Fearful imaginings.

The only fear that is real is if your life is genuinely at risk at that moment in time, i.e if someone pulls a gun. We are wired for survival, it’s primal and so when this kind of situation occurs (which is very rare!) fear kicks in to protect us and do what it can to ‘save us’. We know it. We trust it and so we don;t really have to think about that fear.

This means that any other fear that you have is imagined. Created by your psychology.  Constructed by your mind.  Therefore not real!

Easy to say and yet challenging when you’re in it, because it can feel so very real.

Pull back the curtain

Have you ever seen the film The Wizard of Oz? There is a scene in the film when the Wizard – ‘the great and powerful Wizard of Oz’ is revealed as a little man behind a curtain with smokes machines, lights and a microphone! (click here to watch) This ‘great powerful wizard’ was constructed, in just the same way as the majority of your fears are.

When you realise that ‘fear’ is stopping your from doing something, ask yourself this…’Is my      life in danger…really?’ I imagine the answer will be no. In that case just remind yourself that  your    mind is constructing this fear. ‘This fear is being created by my mind and I can choose at    anytime to construct something more helpful.’

You’ll notice that the moment the curtain is pulled back to reveal to constructed ‘Wizard’ he loses power. The moment you reveal the truth behind your curtain – that your fear has been constructed, it too will begin to lose power and you will gain strength to face the things you want to in life!

Remember the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy already had what they needed inside, just as you do too!

So, believe in yourself, your life really does depend on it!