This is me.

It wasn’t long after qualifying as a coach that I specialised on the topic of confidence. Many clients in my newly established business wanted more of it, to build it or have it not disappear at key moments in their lives.

It didn’t matter if they were focused on their personal or professional life, they just wanted to be confident more often.

Over fourteen years later, I’m still sharing this information and supporting clients to access genuine confidence. Some things have changed over this time; I have more male clients openly wanting to talk about their confidence challenges; more young people – 2019 has seen a significant rise in clients under 20; even more high performers are wanting REAL confidence as they are tired of faking it; and more people are asking for help around the imposter syndrome than ever before.

All of the above excites me. Not just because it is great for business, but it shows that people are starting to see through their facade of pretence and how tiring that can be, and are willing now to invest in themselves to make lasting sustainable changes.

I think that this is why the term imposter syndrome is becoming more well known. If you are unsure as to what it means then this will explain more.

One of the key problems with the imposter syndrome is people not acknowledging their own achievements. They are not celebrating themselves. YOU are not celebrating YOU. And before you think you need to take an ad’ out in the paper or blast your greatness across social media, no, that is not what I mean.

Celebrating you is you taking the time to record your achievements for you. The purpose being that when you do need to publicly celebrate you, usually at interviews, promotions, appraisals even on a date, you already have the information to hand.

It’s also not about biggin’ yourself up, as that will only feed the imposter syndrome. What’s required here is honesty. Not comparison to others nor regret for the past. Just pure and simple honesty.

Grab a pen and paper – handwritten is always best as it helps with memory and being a more physical process than typing engages more of the body too. Put a do not disturb sign wherever needed and firstly write down all the qualifications that you accrued over the years. Everything from swimming to university and beyond. CPD foundation certificates to Phd’s and everything in between. Write the whole lot down.

Then add to your list all the books and courses you have completed. All the extra learning you have done in whatever capacity it may have been. This is where you capture those things that you have learnt but maybe not received a certificate for.

Next, all the experiences you have had that have developed you. Now this has a very broad scope as it could be anything from learning to walk and talk through to climbing to Everest base camp. It may be organising a significant event or dealing with a challenging situation. Completing a project. Writing a book. Starting a business. The list is endless. And like the other two can continually be added to.

And that is the point.

Once you have taken the time to write this list, and can keep adding to it, weekly or monthly.

What I have noticed when clients do this process is a relaxation in both body and mind. They have much more clarity on what they DO bring to a meeting or relationship. Have more of an acceptance of what they have achieved and are willing, at the appropriate times to celebrate that.

It means that when it comes to appraisals, interviews, presentations, promotions or dates, they are more likely to be honest. Which is a much more comfortable and confident place to communicate from.

This simple process kicks the imposter syndrome in the butt and allows you to enjoy celebrating you with true authenticity!

If confidence is an issue for you and you want 2020 to be your year of confidence, then message me direct – and together let’s make that happen!