What is your perception of confidence? (video)


What is your relationship with confidence?

Actually, before you answer that, let me ask you a different question … what do you think of confident people?

In fact, the answer to the second question can be very revealing about the first.

Imagine you are in a group situation – maybe a classroom or conference – what do you think of the confident person who asks lots of questions or always seems to have the right answers?

Do you think “well done you” or “who do you think you are“?

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If we feel uncomfortable or critical of confident people, we probably don’t have the best relationship with confidence.

In this short video (taken from a live recording during Confidence Question Time on Facebook), I discuss how we block our own confidence and why making changes might require a shift in our own beliefs first.

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Here’s the video:


And here’s the photo quote I mention in the clip:



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