What if you knew you would work it out?


In my book ‘If We Can, You can.’ I share 3 true life events that had a significant impact on me, whether I realised it at the time or not.

These events planted seeds of possibility for me that continue to germinate to this day but only when the conditions are right.
I was reminded of one of those stories as I spent time with my 99 year old Grandad recently..
99 years old…or as he says “I’m just a bit over 21

I am blessed to have a grandparent still around at my age and to have one who is still as sharp as a button.

When I am home we catch up on what’s happening in the world, our lives and have a chat about the vast amount of changes he has seen in the past century. 
His memory amazes us both as he lists off ALL the addresses he has lived at. School friends. His army pals and number. It is amazing the things he remembers.

Whilst chatting he mentioned my Peru trip (another story in the book) and about how I faced my fear of heights.

Me:  You’ve faced fear many times in your life Grandad. Have you ever felt really afraid?

Grandad: I’m sure I have. But I don’t give it time to breath – the fear. I just go for it, telling myself I’ll work it out.

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He has never studied psychology or been involved with any self development and yet he has hit the nail firmly on the head.

Yes, there are nuances and subtleties to this and how to effectively use it…. AND if you want to change your life it sums it up perfectly.

It can be used with both exciting stuff and tough decisions.

Without realising it I have used it to…
travel – even though I was alone and couldn’t speak another language.
leave a career – with no idea what I was going to do next.
end my marriage and other relationships – even when I was scared about being alone.

The list of how and where Grandad’s philosophy could be used is endless. I have, unknowingly, used it to change my weight, health, finances, self-esteem, confidence, building a business, buying the big stuff – house and car and most significantly investing in myself when opportunities for development (coaching, courses etc) came up.

(I couldn’t see the point before as I didn’t think that I was worth it! I was scared that I would fail at that too…at first!)

“Go for it and tell yourself you’ll work it out”

What a wonderfully simple message of self-belief.
If you can learn it to your core, it’s an extremely powerful one too!

So, what could you be doing for that you have been putting off?
What are you letting fear stop you from doing?
What would do if you knew you could work it out?

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I know what it has given me (yes, you can read about it in the book)

I am genuinely wondering though…what it could give you? Try it today.

Need a little extra help to take the plunge with a decision or next step? Perhaps 1-1 coaching could give you the nudge you need? Find out more on the website or contact me to discuss how we could work together.